The Heatherwood Associated Student Body (ASB) and leadership students meet to discuss ideas for activities and services for the school. Each 7th period class chooses a representative to the ASB representative body. The ASB council (President, Co-Vice Presidents, Secretary and Treasurer) is elected each spring. The Council is a decision-making group and a communication link among all students and administration. The student governing board is made up of 12 students, 5 elected officers and 7 executive board members.  They meet once a week and plan events such as the dances, pride week, the food drive and toys for tots. They also help at school events such as orientation, curriculum night and 5th grade night, to name a few.

The ASB Council works to create a positive school climate and appropriate student involvement activities including, but not limited to: food and toy drives, community service, school beautification, school assemblies, socials and spirit activities.

ASB fees support athletics, activities and ASB supported programs at Heatherwood (assemblies, cultural events, etc.). Heatherwood's ASB site can be found here,

For more information about Heatherwood’s ASB, please contact the school office.

Get connected! Heatherwood clubs are a great way for students to connect with other students with similar interests. Clubs meet after school, days and times will be listed on the school's website. There is an activity bus available to take students home. The activity bus may take longer to get students home than the regular bus, as one activity bus runs for our entire service area.