Classroom Grants

Classroom grants are an important reason why we fundraise each year. Each year, if funding is available, Heatherwood staff members are given the opportunity to apply for a classroom grant. All grants are reviewed by the PTA and either funded, partiality funded or denied depending on request and funds available. We typically offer grants in the fall and in the spring.

Fall 2022 Grants:

With your generous donations, our PTA was able to fund $5,000 in classroom grants!

  • Mr. Aeschliman, class set of calculators.
  • Mr. McCoy, class set of "A Young People's History of the United States."
  • Mrs. Stevenson-Bonilla, class set of fiction books in Spanish for level 1.
  • Mrs. Calderon, new "Hawks Read" books for the library ($444).
  • Counseling team, iPad & apps for counseling students.
  • Life Fitness team, durable goals for indoor/outdoors.
  • Mr. Blair, class set of "An Indigenous People's History of the United States For Young People."
  • Ms. Bozorth, fidget tools to aid students to stay stimulated, maintain focus and engage in the classroom environment and curriculum.
  • Ms. Bozorth, class set of "No Fear Shakespeare: Romeo and Juliet."
  • Life Fitness team, watches that are both pedometers and heart rate monitors.
  • Mr. Corbett, science crystal set and supplies.

Spring 2022 Grants:

  • Ms. Pratt, class set (30) of "The Holocaust Reader: The Story of Nazi Persecution and the Impact of Hate on Humanity" from Scholastic.
  • Ms. Walker, online subscription for "Beanz Magazine."
  • Ms. Musselmann, 2 class Makey Makey STEAM sets. These kits are a way to create interactive art. Students work with the Scratch coding program to create music or sounds that go with your art.
  • Ms. Seiger, wireless, rechargeable Bluetooth speaker. We are conducting multiple onsite and offsite performances with our school choir. This speaker will optimize the experience for our choir members and the audience. We are now able to effectively rehearse and perform at shopping mall fundraisers, the cafeteria, sports events and even the school hallway.
  • Lifetime Fitness teachers, 8 resistance training straps used for full body workouts.
  • Mrs. Calderon, 4 new "comfy" chairs for the Heatherwood Library and new nonfiction books. This grant will give students a space in the school that is their own. One goal I have as the librarian is to make the library feel like a community space; I want to offer more than just books and these comfy chairs will give students a place to hangout with friends before school, during lunch, and after school. The money used for new nonfiction books will give students new, relevant nonfiction titles in their library.
  • Mr. Lundquist, several new woodwind and brass mouthpieces.
  • Ms. Camp, 100 glow bracelets! The Heatherwood Orchestras will be performing in a blacklight concert in June. Blacklight tape is attached to bows and they glow in the dark! Advanced Chamber Orchestra is playing a song that does not involve their bow - only plucking. I would like to provide them with a glowing bracelet for each hand for this song. How fun!
  • Ms. Loewen, 30 geometry compasses (a class set). The compasses will last for many years as this set does not have parts that will go missing.
  • Mr. Corbett, aluminum potassium sulfate for students to be able to make crystals. This is a supplemental activity that gets students excited about science and gives them their very own crystal to take home after. Will also purchase materials to make "elephant toothpaste" during a Science Extravaganza with Ms. Lanigan's class.

Fall 2021 Grants:

  • $300 for purchase of positive behavior incentive items (Hawk Bills program)
  • $1,000 for purchase of sports balls for use at lunch recess
  • Ms. Thomas, Moby Max 1-year subscription, $396
  • Mr. McCoy, podcast equipment for ASB, $475
  • Ms. Ramirez, button-maker for ASB, $86
  • Mrs. Watson, 1-year subscription for Gimkit for All Live, $60
  • Mrs. Stevenson-Bonilla, banner to display the standards and I CAN DO Statements for each level of learning, $100
  • Heatherwood Community Team, incentive items to support the PBIS program, $300
  • Ms. Mills, Go! emerge boxed set of books plus teacher resources, $640
  • Mrs. Calderon, library books for the "Hawks Read" program to promote literacy at Heatherwood, $1,500
  • Ms. Lee, 6 wobble stools, $330
  • Mr. Bell, 35 calculators for math support, $330
  • Ms. Pratt, set of 20 books designed to support the independent classroom reading program, $133
  • Ms. Camp, 35 Snark ST-8Hz tuners for tuning instruments, $540
  • School Counseling, Items for the first Mental Awareness Week including green ribbons, "Stop the Stigma" stickers, mental awareness stickers, and pop it/fidget prizes, $280
  • Ms. Cameron, classroom and graphic novels to practice reading skills from the special resource curriculum and individual reading/practice, $300
  • Lifetime Fitness teachers, large, portable, rechargeable indoor/outdoor timer, $431

Heatherwood's Lifetime Fitness teachers with their new timer!

Spring 2021 Grants:

  • Mrs. Herber, new library books for the "Hawks Read" program, $1,000
  • Mrs. Stevenson-Bonilla, Spanish books, $67
  • Ms. Lanigan and Mr. Corbett, 6th grade science demonstration materials, $400
  • Mrs. Stauffer, Achieve classroom materials, $140

Fall 2020 Grants:

  • Mrs. Herber, new library books, $1,000
  • Ms. Pratt, 7th Grade subject related books, $243
  • Ms. Camp, bow guides for orchestra students, $197
  • Ms. Lanigan and Mr. Corbett, 6th grade science BrainPOP subscription, $230
  • Mrs. Stevenson-Bonilla, authentic Spanish resources, $47

"A massive THANK YOU to the Heatherwood PTA for funding a class set of Tiffany Jewel’s “This Book is Ant-Racist.” I’m excited to use this text for a unit in the spring.” -Ms. Pratt

Mrs. Herber, our classroom librarian, receiving her $1,000 grant for books!



Spring 2019 Grants:

  • Resistance straps for strength training in lifetime fitness classes, $700
  • Classroom set of scientific calculators and small white boards, $550
  • Funds to purchase materials for open lab days; science fair materials, $600
  • Sensory support items: noise cancelling headphones with microphones, pencil toppers, texture seat cushions, $250
  • 6th grade Book Madness celebration, $200
  • 6th grade Book Madness book purchases, new titles to include int he challenge, $1,500

Fall 2018 Grants:

  • Low level classroom library books, $300
  • Kore wobble chairs (provide active seating), $450
  • Battle of the Best Sellers Celebration, $150
  • Additional books for 8th grade reading challenge, $1000
  • 6th grade reading challenge, $500
  • WE video subscription for 30 students, $275
  • "Drumming to the Beat" program (drumming on yoga balls), $550
  • Additional playground balls, $250
  • Headphones for classroom, $145
  • 12 month Moby Max subscription for 1 classroom, $285

From our teacher librarian, Mrs. Herber...

"The PTA has truly funded Heatherwood Library Programming; providing a much richer literary experience for students. The last four years, 6th, 7th and 8th grade students gobbled up titles funded by the PTA while participating in the 6th Grade Book Madness, 7th Grade Battle of the Bestsellers, and the 8th Grade Hawks Read program. Students loved celebrating those reading successes with PTA funded parties!  This year, many of the top titles from that program are combined with new titles in the new school wide “Hawks Read” program. In addition to numerous reading and celebration grants, Heatherwood PTA funded a collection of Legos for the library’s lunchtime makerspace. These are a main attraction!"


Quotes directly from Heatherwood students:

“I have grown extraordinarily this semester.  I have improved my genre picking abilities and my ability to stay away from technological distractions.  I have started to read more non-fiction books and actually like them.”

“I have become a more stronger reader because I read faster than I did in the first semester.  My pages throughout the week became bigger and bigger.”

“My favorite books I have completed this year are: Girl, Stolen, The Compound, and The Fallout.  I really liked these because 1) the style of the two authors, and 2) all three of the books made me appreciate what I have more.”

“I have grown to enjoy reading a lot more to the point where I’m reading almost every night.”

“Over this semester, I have grown a ton as a reader in many different ways.  I have discovered new books and authors.  I think I have learned the most about reading this semester than any other one.”

“How I grown is that I found what type of book that I like to read.”

“I grew more as a reader because…I was choosing good books that I enjoyed and was finding time to read them easily.”

“I have definitely moved out of my comfort zone and came out to really like reading.”

“My biggest growth I feel I’ve accomplished is how I have improved on my reading fluency.  I always sometimes get too focused!!  Isn’t that great?!!"

“I think this semester alone I have grown in reading more than I ever have…but I think I have most grown with my speaking because instead of using words like ‘big’ I would use something like ‘gigantic’ or ‘gargantuan’ or ‘enormous’.”

“My favorite book that I read this semester is Savvy because I like adventure books and what made this book cool is that their family when they turn a certain age they get power.”

“I am really happy this semester because not only I met my goal but I also tried reading new books…and also really long books that at the beginning of the year I didn’t use to read but that now I read every day and I love them.”

“…I have read challenging and new books this year and I’m proud of these books to have read this semester.”

“I read Compound, Variant, Girl Stolen, Disappeared, and Chains, and my favorite one was Compound because it had a lot of suspense to it, and I couldn’t stop reading because the story kept building to the point where they leave a cliffhanger which made me really anxious to read the next book Fallout.”