Volunteer Sign-Up

At times, we ask for volunteers to help at an event for our PTA or school. When we do, we will have a sign-up sheet posted here.

*If you signed up for a volunteer spot, but need to delete your name, please send an email to president@heatherwoodpta.org and we will remove your name.

April Popsicle Thursday

Date: April 20, 2023

Help hand out popcorn to our students! Pick a time that works for you and come join in the fun! Volunteers should check in at the school office and then head to the cafeteria or outside, you will see us! Popsicle and popcorn are student favorites, and they are funded entirely by YOUR donations to our PTA. Donations can be made at www.heatherwoodpta.org/store More volunteer opportunities will be posted throughout the year. All volunteers must be approved. I have not filled out your application you can do so at Volunteer / Overview (everettsd.org)

**Please bring gloves your hands do get very cold**

Sign up below...

What Name
What Name
6th Grade lunch handing out popsicles 10:45 am - 11:22 am #1: Dinh Chang
#2: Rosalinda Escobar
#3: Noriko Kim
#4: Ashley Potts
7th Grade lunch handing out popsicle 11:35 am - 12:13 pm #1: Hilary Wirkkala
#2: Jennaca Bowker
#3: Shanna Ganem
#4: (empty) - sign-ups closed
8th Grade lunch handing out popsicle 12:25 pm - 1:15 pm #1: Katie Stark
#2: Angus Lock
#3: Jennaca Bowker
#4: Amy Curtiss

If you would like to volunteer at Heatherwood Middle School you must first complete and submit a volunteer application and background check with the Everett Public School District. You will need to apply every 2 years in order to keep current.