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January Staff Appreciation Lunch, Baked Potato Bar

Date: January 22, 2020

January Staff Appreciation Lunch, Baked Potato Bar:
Please help us spoil our staff with our monthly staff appreciation lunch. Food donations should be dropped in the Heatherwood staff lounge (first door on the left when you enter from the upper parking lot) by 9:30am. Dishes can be pick up anytime after 2pm in the staff lounge. We do not need any serving utensils, we have plenty available to us in the lounge. Thank you in advance for all or your donations, our staff loves everything!

*Please provide a list of ingredients with your dish, we always get questions from staff.

Questions? Please contact Katie Stark,

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What Name
What Name
10 baked potatoes wrapped in foil in a crock pot or cooler #1: Robert Robison
#2: Mandy Banks
#3: Megan Swander
#4: Ilona McCauley
#5: Angela Schaffer
#6: maria brownfield
10 baked sweet potatoes/yams wrapped in foil in a crock pot or cooler #1: Tanya Slonecker
#2: Jessica Snyder
Large crock pot of chili (12-14 servings) #1: Jennifer Hirman
#2: Erin Fraser
1 large tub of butter #1: Heather Bosanac
Large bowl of chopped white onions #1: Heather Bosanac
Large bowl of sliced green onions #1: Heather Bosanac
2 large containers of sour cream #1: Melissa Friedrich
1 large bowl cooked/steamed broccoli #1: Tanya Justice
1 large bag of shredded cheese #1: Robert Robison
#2: Kelly Warner
#3: Makayla Solis
1 jar sliced, pickled jalapeno peppers #1: Melissa Burns
2 jars salsa #1: Kristen Bergeron
2 cans sliced olives #1: Tanya Slonecker
2 bags bacon bits (or the like) #1: Nicole Mcknight
#2: Jennifer Hockenhull
2 packs guacamole #1: Heidi Asplund
2 dozen cookies/brownies #1: Robert Robison
#2: Jessica Snyder
#3: Terri Dumala
2 dozen bottles of water or fizzy water #1: Stephanie Cherry
#2: Courtney Stone

If you would like to volunteer at Heatherwood Middle School you must first complete and submit a volunteer application and background check with the Everett Public School District. You will need to apply every 3 years in order to keep current.