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Classroom Grants

Below is a list of the approved 2018-19 classroom grants. All of these grants were funded by our fall 2018 fundraiser. Each year, if funding is available, Heatherwood staff members are given the opportunity to apply for a classroom grant. All grants are reviewed by the PTA and either funded, partiality funded or denied depending on request and funds available.

  • Low level classroom library books, $300
  • Kore wobble chairs (provide active seating), $450
  • Battle of the Best Sellers Celebration, $150
  • Additional books for 8th grade reading challenge, $1000
  • 6th grade reading challenge, $500
  • WE video subscription for 30 students, $275
  • "Drumming to the Beat" program (drumming on yoga balls), $550
  • Additional playground balls, $250
  • Headphones for classroom, $145
  • Moby Max subscription for 12 months, $285