Outstanding Educator, Golden Acorn and Outstanding Advocate Award

Outstanding Educators

The Outstanding Educator Award recognizes individuals who have provided outstanding educational opportunities for children and youth that are beyond the normal scope of their jobs. These educators make learning fun, beneficial and challenging

Golden Acorn

The Golden Acorn Award is presented to a volunteer in recognition of his/her dedication and service to children and youth…

Outstanding Student Advocate

The Outstanding Student Advocate Award recognizes and honors students for their continued and dedicated service to ALL children and a demonstrated commitment to helping create strong policies relating to the health, welfare, safety, and education of children and youth…

2017-2018 Nominations will be opening soon!

Previous Winner Showcase

Outstanding Educators:

2016-17: Sharon Fabrizio (Math)

2015-16: Kristi Rickert (Math); Sue Wilson (Science)

 Golden Acorn:

2016-17: Gabriela Macias, Kristi Patricelli

2015-16: Leslie De Rham; Ali Johnson; Heather Nelson







Outstanding Advocate:

2015: Kim Kuhne


Outstanding Student Advocate:

2016-17Joshua Platte

2015-16: Bella Hardy





Thank you to everyone for your nominations! And, thank you to our wonderful teachers and volunteers! For a complete list of past Heatherwood award recipients, click here .