Over 5 years ago, the PTA, ASB, and Heatherwood leadership decided it was time to replace the broken reader board at the entrance to the school grounds with a new, electronic reader board. Bids were taken, decisions were made, money was collected…. Then we learned that the electronic reader board was not permitted by the City of Mill Creek! Changes in City leadership, changes in Federal reader board policy, and finally changes in City reader board policy have occurred since then, as our PTA leaders have poked and prodded the City for a workable solution. FINALLY! We have permission to go ahead with installation of an electronic reader board! New bids are being collected! Watch our weekly email and Facebook for coming updates!
This project is done in partnership between Heatherwood PTA, Heatherwood ASB, and the Heatherwood leadership. All three groups are excited for the recognition and communication opportunities this will provide!