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January Staff Appreciation Baked Potato Bar

Event Chair: Katie Stark and Tina Shaw


January's Staff Appreciation Lunch will be on 1/24.


Help us show the Heatherwood staff how much we appreciate all they do for our students with a lunch provided by us!

This month our theme is Baked Potato Bar, please sign-up to bring something from the below list. If possible, please include a list of ingredients, we get several questions about ingredients and thought a list would be helpful.

Please drop off your item(s) by 9:15am in the staff lounge. Washed dishes will be available for pick-up by 2pm in the lounge.  Thank you in advance for your help in making Staff Appreciation Lunch a great event. Our staff is very appreciative!

In February we will be bringing in a coffee cart to school to make espresso drinks for all staff!

January 24, 2018

Task/ItemStart Time End TimeAvailable Spots
Baked Potatoes - 10 (in a crock pot or cooler wrapped in foil) N/A N/A#1: andy w.
#2: KC N.
#3: Georgina J.
#4: Kristen B.
#5: Andy W.2.
1 remaining:  
Crock pot of Chili (beef only please) N/A N/A#1: Kim K.
1 remaining:  
Green Onions - sliced in Quart size bag N/A N/A#1: Laura R.
#2: Sandy C.
Salsa - 8 oz. jar N/A N/A#1: Abbey M.
#2: Julie W.
#3: Tomoko B.
#4: Jennifer J.
Chopped onions- full quart sized bag N/A N/A#1: Sandy C.
1 remaining:  
1 lb. bag Shredded Cheddar Cheese N/A N/A#1: Abbey M.
#2: Tomoko B.
#3: Lifen Z.
Sour Cream- 16 oz. size N/A N/A#1: Abbey M.
#2: Leianne F.
#3: Tomoko B.
Sliced olives - 12 oz. can N/A N/A#1: Lifen Z.
#2: Corinne J.
#3: Jennifer J.
#4: Tanya J.
Bacon Bits (or the like) - 1 lb. bag N/A N/A#1: Katherine B.
1 remaining:  
Guacamole - 8 oz. size N/A N/A#1: Corinne J.
#2: Laura R.
#3: Tanya J.
1 remaining:  
Bottled water - 24 count N/A N/A#1: Julie W.
#2: Jonelle R.
1 remaining:  
Cookies/dessert bars - 2 doz. N/A N/A#1: Corinne J.
#2: Kathleen L.
#3: nehal A.
Sliced jalapeños - 12 oz. jar N/A N/A#1: Katherine B.
#2: Bridget C.