2018 PTA Nominations

At the May 14, 2018 General Membership meeting, the Heatherwood PTA will be electing Executive Officers for the 2018-2019 school year. Each Executive Officer must be voted in each year and has a 2 year consecutive term limit.  The open positions for next year are: President, Treasurer, Advocacy, and Membership.

To be eligible for election to the above positions, candidates must have been a member of a PTA at least 15 days prior to being elected. People recommended for the office of President should have prior leadership experience within PTA, according to the Heatherwood MS PTA Standing Rules.

Individuals are welcome to nominate themselves. For questions on the specific positions, please contact the nominating committee at info@heatherwoodpta.org.

Open Committee Chair positions for 2018-2019 are not elected positions, yet still need to be filled. Those positions are: Membership, Programs, Community Rewards, 8th Grade Celebration, 8th Grade Dance, Book Fair, Financial Review, and Nominating Committee.The 2018-2019 Nomination Committee is: Jennifer Holling, Jennifer Hirman, Kasi Boaz