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Heatherwood Middle School PTA #7.3.71

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News for the week of:

December 3, 2018



Staff Appreciation

Holiday Store

Multicultural Night



Staff Appreciation Cookie Exchange on Dec. 12th- Our next staff appreciation event will be a cookie exchange on Wednesday, December 12th. We are looking for volunteers who love to make holiday cookies! Triple that recipe and share the love, Heatherwood staff LOVES this event.



Holiday Store- We are once again going to be having a “Holiday Store” at Heatherwood where students in need will be able to shop for gifts, at no cost, for immediate members of their families.  Last year we were able to help over 100 students and their responses were heartwarming.  We are looking for volunteers to help students during all three lunches from December 3 through December 21.  Please note that all volunteers must be district approved in order to help.  If you could offer working maybe a few days a week, that would be much appreciated. It’s what the season is all about and you will be blessed even more than the students. We do not, as of today, know how many students we will be serving, but we will spread out the time for them to shop.  You will not need to do anything except be here at Heatherwood to offer suggestions and bag up their gifts.

Please consider helping us out this holiday season.  Email us at info@heatherwoodpta.org if interested and we’ll put you in touch with the school contacts.

Multicultural Night- Heatherwood has scheduled this event on Feb 27, and we are looking for your help! This event is planned in coordination with Heatherwood staff and students, who provide the entertainment and decorations. We are looking for families willing to share their heritage with us by way of slideshow input, music, costumes, or other representations of our fabulously diverse cultural backgrounds at Heatherwood! If you are willing to help, please email info@heatherwoodpta.org.


Upcoming Dates:

December 24-4 Holiday’s Break

January 7th –PTA Meeting