• General Volunteer/Donation Opportunities

    Heatherwood has several generic volunteer/signup opportunities.  These are usually 1- time events with small time or financial commitment. Check back often! Thanks for your support! Volunteer Sign Ups

  • Standardized Testing Help from National PTA

    Standardized Testing Help from National PTA

    There’s no getting around it. Tests are nerve-wracking, for both kids and their parents. But they serve an important purpose–ensuring that your child is getting the education they need to succeed in school and in […]

  • Food for thought – Phones for Christmas?

    Considering getting your student a phone for Christmas? Check out this article from the National PTA for some things to think about when your child has a cell phone. http://ptaourchildren.org/411-getting-mobile-phone-child/

  • Fall Grants

    At our November 13th meeting we approved fully funding a majority of grant applications and partially funding others.  We are pleased to announce we are supporting our Heatherwood students by allocating $3,567.94 to teachers and […]

  • Updated: Advocating for our students

    10/27 Update: Kim Kuhne (acting President)  and Georgina Johns (Treasurer) attended the 39th annual Legislative Assembly in Tacoma last weekend. They joined members from across Washington to approve the addition of 4 new Resolutions (that […]