Our fundraiser has been extended as we didn’t even reach half our goal!  Please help us support our teachers and Heatherwood by donating today

Donate Now

The Fall Fundraiser: DONATION ONLY! That’s right—NO PRODUCT SALES!

All students will need to do is to ask friends and family to donate directly to the PTA. Think of us as a “Booster Club” for Team Curriculum! In order to continue to support our current programs and invest in future PTA-sponsored activities, the per-student goal is $75. EVERY dollar helps, even as little as $1!

Where will the money go?

~~ Even though we have built some incentives into the fundraiser for the motivation and enjoyment of the students, we expect about 95 cents of every dollar will go right back out to benefit the students’ education! You will be contributing to the great curriculum-enhancing and community building activities for which the PTA is known.

~~ This year we have earmarked $10,000 for classroom and school grants. By utilizing a grant process, we can provide specifically what a teacher or staff member identifies as important to learning. In the past we have organized purchases as diverse as choir risers, classroom and library books, calculators, cameras, a digital piano, a band equipment cart, laptop computers, fitness equipment, and much more!

~~ Another $6,000 for assemblies and grade-level programs. In prior years the students have been able to enjoy awesome guest speakers such as Mark Mero, Gabe Murffitt, Reggie Jones, the Organ Lady, and the 6th Grade Storyteller. These guests shared with our students messages ranging from anti-bullying to good health habits.

~~ Additionally, approximately $2,000 will go to school community causes and events such as Field Day, the 8th Grade “Moving On” Party, the Shoe Fund, a school supplies fund, parent education, and more.

Please donate today to help us continue to provide these engaging programs.


Every child. One voice.