Soar to Success Spring Fundraiser March 4-29th!  Help us reach our goal of $5000!

Make a donation online at


We support classroom  grants, charity outreach, and family fun events. This cannot happen without your donations — we cannot do this without your financial support! Our target donation is $50 per student or $100 per family. Donate by cash or check, via our paper donation form, or online at Remember that your donations to PTA are tax deductible. Employer matching programs from Boeing, Microsoft, Google, and others can help us reach our fundraising goal.

Company Matching

Does your company offer corporate matching for donations? Many corporations (including local employers like Boeing and Microsoft) will match your donations to non-profit organizations like Heatherwood PTA.  Typically, you just need to complete a matching donation request. The necessary forms are often found on the corporate website, or you can ask your HR department. Taking a few minutes to complete these forms is like finding free money to support PTA.

You may need the following information for your matching donation request:

  • The exact name of our organization: Heatherwood PTA 7 3 71
  • Heatherwood PTA EIN number: 91-1453333
  • Contact email within PTA organization:
  • Web site:
  • Charity description: Heatherwood PTA partners with educational staff and the community to enhance curriculum and raise funds to support the school.

Once you've submitted the matching funds form, please send a copy of your confirmation (email notice, letter, or even a screen shot) along with your student's donation/sponsor form so we can count your matching donation.

If you have any fundraising questions please email our Fundraising Chair,