Advocacy is the heart of PTA

Since it began in 1897, National PTA has been a powerful voice for all children, a relevant resource for families and communities, and a strong advocate for public education. Washington State PTA (WSPTA) began in 1905 and was instrumental in many issues, from creating preschool to promoting seat belts.

For more information about our PTA history and founders: History - WSPTA (

PTA Vision and Mission

Our vision is that every child’s potential becomes a reality.

Our mission is for PTA to be:

  • A powerful voice for children,
  • A relevant resource for families, schools, and communities, and
  • A strong advocate for the well-being and education of all children

WSPTA Legislative Platform

The WSPTA legislative platform consists of:

Legislative Principles: broad conceptual policy objectives that align with our mission and are the foundational basis for our overall platform (long-term). Legislative Principles (

Resolutions: positions that guide our work from the local to the state level, are usually broader in scope than legislative issues, and generally have a call for action (long-term). Resolutions (

Legislative Issues: statewide positions that will receive the focus of our advocacy efforts in Olympia (short-term). Advocacy (

The 2023-2024 Top 5 legislative priorities are as follows:

Also Supported Issues:

  • Creating a Diverse and Effective Educator Workforce
  • Expending School Construction Funding Options
  • Harnessing the Benefits of Master-based Learning
  • Improving Equitable Identification and Access for Highly Capable Students
  • Increasing Education Equity by Closing the Digital Divide
  • Increasing Support for Equitable Family Engagement
  • Mitigating Adverse Impacts of Climate Change
  • Supporting a Meaningful High School Diploma

Advocacy Contact Information

Everett PTSA Council Advisory Chair, Dolly Ubriani

Heatherwood Advocacy Chair, Clarissa Phillips

WSPTA Advocacy Director:

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